SmartFox Basic Advance Case Assignment

$ 25.00



SmartFox Basic Advance Case Assignment

  • Recommended for Intro Marketing, Sales, Business Analytics, or MIS curriculums in Higher Education. 
  • Experience how real-world companies build and use CRM opportunities, accounts, contacts, and more in one Salesforce Org. 
  • Learn the End User Feature Set of SmartFox Prime to show how teams can increase their performance and activity
  • Understand how SmartFox Prime’s methodology brings consistency and cadence to forecasting and sales enablement
  • Learn how to remove subjectivity and emotion by “nudging” teams’ behaviors and the value behind helping them make good business decisions. 
  • Basic Advance takes longer than our Basic Case Assignment work requiring additional lessons and case assignment work with Account, Contacts, etc. within Salesforce.


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